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February 19, 2015

Solo Travel: The Rise of the Single Traveler

Why venture out on your own? Maybe you can afford to travel, but your friends can’t? Maybe you have time off from work that doesn’t mesh with your partner’s schedule? Maybe you’re dying to explore a destination that doesn’t interest your family or friends? Or, maybe you just crave some time alone? Regardless of your reason, single travel has never been more popular or easy, as more and more Americans each year choose to go the solo route.

solo do exactly what you want

Did you know?
• 11% of Americans travel solo
• 9 million American women travel abroad solo each year

Where do you fit in? Think you are too old or young to travel alone? You’re not. In fact, solo travel has no age requirements or limitations. You are simply one of many experiencing the sights, sounds and cultures of the world.

Here’s proof: 


We love solo travelers, and will be posting tips for “flying solo” soon! For now, check out how you can travel solo on Cosmos.