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April 6, 2015

Top Apps for Travel Bliss

Are you traveling internationally this summer? Let your smartphone or tablet be your guide! We’ve got the best travel apps for you to download before you leave!  Add your suggestions to our Facebook page.

081433Trip Advisor: Based on, this app offers reviews of restaurants, flights and points of interest with access to Web site ratings, reviews and recommendations.

Fodor’s Travel: Top recommendations across the board, from sights and shops to restaurants and hotels, plus handy interactive offline maps to boot.

FlightTrack 5: For updated flight times, terminal and gate numbers as well as terminal maps and even forecast delays, this app has you covered when it comes to the ins and outs of air travel.
Packing Pro: The perfect solution for the person who always forgets something at home, Packing Pro creates lists of what to pack, either based on your own list or from a set template. You will never be without a toothbrush again.

Google Translate: Like having an interpreter in your pocket, Google Translate translates phrases by typing them into a small word box, or use the speaking option to say a phrase.
Vocre: This app translates whatever you say into the mic to the selected language. Speak into your mic and Vocre will say and write the phrase you are looking for.

XE Currency: Say goodbye to doing math in your head when trying to negotiate with a street vendor, the XE Currency app converts any currency into any other currency on demand.081433-5

Emergency Call Anywhere: Auto-detects your location and pulls up one-touch access to local police, fire stations and ambulances in 209 countries.

Passport to Travel: Access to destination information, travel deals, vacations, insider stories and must-sees sights. Track your travel history and your ‘where to next’ dream destination list. Stamp your own passport and have fun recording and sharing your travel experiences.

WhatsApp: Exchange messages with fellow travelers or those back home over internet. There is no cost to message and stay in touch with friends!