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May 7, 2015

Travel is….

In honor of National Travel and Tourism Week, we asked you to FILL IN THE BLANK: What does travel mean to you? Here are some of your answers:

Travel Quote

“Travel is living life to the fullest.” – Enolita C. on Facebook



Travel Quote

“Travel is everything. It is the reason to be. I live modestly so I can afford to travel. Without the ability to meet new people, experience new cultures, and taste new foods, I would perish from this earth.” – Gina B. on Facebook



Travel Quote

“Travel is broadening your knowledge of the world , makes you more accepting of other people and their cultures.” – Babie M. on Facebook



Travel QuoteTravel is liberating. – Allison L. on Facebook



Travel QuoteIs a blessing, a gift no one should take for granted, a time to bless others and be blessed by them…it is my passion. – Swan W. on Facebook



Travel Quote“Freedom, wisdom, experience, widening of the horizon, appreciation, love and quality time with my husband.” – Undine V. on Facebook



Travel Quote

“…an adventure!” – James S. on Facebook