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August 22, 2017

Happy Trails to Costa Rica

There is a reason that people use the expression “Happy Trails!” … Not just to wish you a safe journey, but to remind you to enjoy the adventures along the way. It turns out that the trails that make us the happiest are the ones that lead us to new places, like through the lush Costa Rican jungles to thundering waterfall s or along the unspoiled, sun-soaked beaches of Guanacaste.

Travel makes us happy – from the thrill of a new adventure to the simple joy of unplugging and reconnecting with friends, strangers, and nature. So pack your bags and head for Costa Rica… it’s time to sing happy trails to YOU!


Check out our Staff Picks for favorite Costa Rica experiences:

Explore the hiking trails around Poas Volcano



Take a rainforest tour to discover the diverse flora and fauna



Visit a premium Costa Rican coffee plantation



Dip into the Tabacón Hot Springs


Go horseback riding through the jungle to La Fortuna Waterfall

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